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Spedizioni Shipping

By sea FCL


An increasing percentage of goods travel in containers, including products that historically were destined for break bulk such as minerals, steel products, wood, even liquids. The markets have changed, the needs of the parties involved, the contracts, the yields and the punctuality of the lines have improved, the logistics on the territory structured to manage the full containers has developed as well.

We are able to offer a screening of services available to customers from the port of embarkation to the port of disembarkation so that the choice of the shipping company meets the needs of our clients.

Your work will be easier and the results will be better if you let yourselves be guided by our experts in evaluating direct or transshipment services, choosing the best freight rates, the fastest and safest transit-time and obtaining longer exemptions at landing. Being part of the success of your business is the purpose of our work.

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By sea LCL

spedizioni LCL

Small supplies, samples, balance orders, partial shipments and low volumes; everything can be sent “less container load”, that is, with rates lower than those of the complete container. Korman Italia has believed in groupage since 1994 and was the first company in Trieste to deal with this continuously developing sector where a very high professionalism is required.

Whether you need to ship a few cartons or ten tons of product, our sales department will be able to provide you with freight and expenses from all the major ports of the Far East, coordinating the first contacts with your suppliers, through customs clearance and delivery to destination.

Our direct consolidated services run weekly from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen and Taiwan with unique yields and efficiency in the Adriatic landscape, as well as offering excellent alternatives from India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan.

From Trieste we reach with competitive rates all of Northern Italy, but also Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Bavaria with simple and effective transit services. Do not let shipments represent only a cost; make it become a resource.

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Via air


Air transport is the ideal solution for those who need to cover long distances in a short time.

The international shipping service we offer is carried out by relying on primary airlines with regular services on the main Italian airports.

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Via train


Trieste established itself in 2017 as the first Mediterranean port for railway movement, with 6,861 trains.

Naturally, this railway system completes the maritime services that already reach the local terminals and allow the realization of the best multimodal platform in southern Europe.

Thanks to the strategic choices of shipping companies and terminal operators, the offer is extremely rich and varied. The forwarder in general and Korman Italy in particular, thanks to excellent relations with various shipping companies, offers valid solutions to optimize the transit procedures and to define the delivery details of the so-called last mile, carried out by truck.

In the same way, in export procedures, as freight forwarder in port, we are able to follow the correct routing of all the containers entering the port areas which are, it must be remembered, areas in the customs free port.

From Trieste it is easy to connect, by containers and semi-trailers, all Northern Italy, as well as Central and Eastern Europe; Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary. Further information is available on request.

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Logistica e Distribuzione Logistics and Road Transport

Port Logistics


The port is a crossroads where different goods, with their own physical characteristics and specific needs can find ample storage space. Programming, competence in handling and, where necessary, specific means are needed. Our company provides all these elements. Rolls of fabric, cartons, pallets, wooden crates, fastenings, big bags, pallet-tanks, yarn bales, cars, plants, timber, paper reels, machinery. In twenty-five years we have handled virtually everything that can pass through a port. Some things we liked, some others a bit less, but we certainly gained experience!

Our warehouses and uncovered areas on lease from the state are located at Warehouses 55 (adjacent to the offices), 58 and 60 of the New Free Port. All goods are stored at a height of over one meter, which makes them safe and easy to connect to trucks of different heights. We have customs tracking registers of shipments under the FOREIGN AND COMMUNITY status regime, and we directly manage a VAT DEPOSIT. We have pallet racks of different capacities as well as large spaces for outdoor free storage of oversized and/or overweight packages.

We are equipped for the unloading and reloading of containers, flat-rack containers, open top trucks and articulated ones, lowered platforms and vans. For securing cargo in containers we use polypropylene belts, ISMP15 wooden wedges or special devices on request.

The three variables of port logistics: PACKAGES – WEIGHT – SIZE

Conventional Transport


The company is able to carry out different types of road transport: in the case of groupage, conventional full trucks and silos as well as exceptional transports. We have the national and international professional qualification for the transport of goods by road and is registered in the register of road hauliers (TS/3101958/J).

Groupage or “to each their own”: following the old proverb we have succeeded in enhancing the characteristics of each of our trusted suppliers, and nowadays we transport to the final destinations over 90% of LCL shipments that arrive in Trieste through our consolidated containers. From the van for urban delivery, to the box trucks with integrated loading lift, then longer than normal ones (9.6m) and up to the articulated truck; delivery usually takes place within 24 hours of departure making our offer competitive just as the best express couriers.

FULL Trust: the load that originates or is destined for the Port of Trieste is preferred, but we carry out full-load transport on every route every day. By professional choice, if we are not able to make a journey with our trusted carriers, we do not sell it to the best bidder because the protection of the goods, the tracking of the journey and the first-hand price must be the priority and are our business card.

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Exceptional Transport


The exceptional transport chain is more delicate than conventional transport and requires different professional skills.

Guiding the client in the correct management of the procedures for obtaining permits and respecting deadlines is an integral part of our services.

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Transportation in Silo / Tippers

Servizi Silo Ribaltabili

In eight years of activity with foundry sand of different characteristics, we can boast zero complaints about the quality of the transport and full competence on the type of vehicle required.

Our logistics department is able to evaluate the physical characteristics of a bulk product to build customized load and storage systems.

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Servizi Doganali Customs Services

Customs operations

Operazioni doganali

We have gained considerable experience in the field of customs services. We manage customs operations of import, export and transit quickly and competitively, to all destinations.

We know that it is a complex field, so we support companies during the entire cycle of customs operations and we offer our advice for planning future operations.

Thanks to our experts in procedures and customs law we can provide assistance and advice for every need concerning customs operations, also to make them less costly as a result of updating the new Union Customs Code (Reg. 952/2013).

We follow the whole process of customs operations, starting from the relationship with the customs authorities to face the different aspects of customs obligations, the value of the goods at customs, their classification and the problems concerning the origin of the goods.

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Tax Deposits / VAT


The setting up of tax warehouses (or VAT warehouses), provides for a tax suspension system (VAT) following the introduction and storage of goods in warehouses nominated by customs authorities to be Fiscal/VAT.

For this type of operation, if the goods are destined to Italy, the tax will be applied only at the time of extraction of the goods from the above warehouses while, if destined to a person established in another EU country, the regularization will take place through the obligations planned for intra-Community supplies of goods.

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The customs operation plays a cardinal role in international sales.

The completeness of documentation and compliance with regulations allows for peace of mind for both importers and exporters.

Korman Italia will follow you step by step, providing you with all the necessary information concerning customs duties, import and licensing procedures, customs visits, as well as health, phytopathological and veterinary procedures.

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Regime di Porto Franco Free Port

The free port and the past


The Free Port of Trieste boasts a very ancient history that is linked to the history of the city and to the political and economic events that characterized the evolution of its vast natural hinterland.

In 1719, the Austrian Emperor Charles VI issued the license of Free Port, with which the port of Trieste developed first as a sea port set up as a trading post and then as a center of commerce, economic activity and transit.

The port was further enhanced after the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, finding itself in a strategic point of access to the Central European market on the routes of traffic to and from the Middle and Far East. In the early ‘900 it was precisely the activity of the port that allowed the birth of a thriving economy linked to shipping, insurance, shipbuilding and trade in a strongly multi-ethnic environment.

Even today the port of Trieste aspires to become a point of arrival of the great vision linked to the “silk road” finding itself once again in the best geographical position for the commodity flows between East and Central-Eastern Europe.

Current events and the future


The signature at the bottom of the implementing decrees in 2017 recognizes the Authority of the Harbor System of the Eastern Adriatic Sea as the “sole manager” of the Trieste Free Port regime and makes it possible to coordinate the processes necessary for the effective use of the instruments that Annex VIII and the commissarial decrees of 1953 and 1959 had already arranged.

Today, therefore, in a more precise legal framework, it is possible to start the processing and transformation of goods with important customs discounts, as well as to continue to enjoy the advantages of the Free Port regime, which can be summarized as follows:

  1. Simplified customs procedures; the introduction of non-EU goods is free and not subject to a customs authorization whereas the EU one can be introduced as a result of export or simply put into EU storage.
  2. Exemption from customs duties for goods from third countries: there is exemption from the payment of duty, VAT and commercial policy measures for all third-party goods introduced and for the entire duration of their stay in Free Ports.
  3. Unlimited storage: regardless of the customs, foreign or EU status, the goods can be stored without time limits.
    Origin maintenance: non-EU introduced goods may retain their origin (even preferential) provided they are subject to customs supervision (through accounting records).
  4. Free handling of goods; non-EU and EU goods may be subjected to simple handling or undergo industrial change;
    Introduction of EU goods; the export of the EU goods introduced in the Free Port is considered definitive at the entrance in the port areas as extra – customs territories. This rule assumes particular fiscal value in “project cargo” destined for deferred shipment.
  5. Acquisition of EU origin: the goods converted into Free Points acquire EU origin provided that the rules of origin are respected;
  6. Acquisition of “Made in”: goods processed in free points can acquire “Made in” on condition that the rules regarding non-preferential origin are respected;
  7. Customs credit: at the time of importation of the goods, the Trieste customs credit can be used, which allows the deferment of the payment of the duty, of the VAT to 180 days from the date of the customs operation.